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“In March of 2007 when I began the review process of trying to determine what components I’d be using to construct my home I started investigating different stone products. Quickly, I became aware of veneer stone products. They were interesting to me because they had the appearance of real stone, with unlimited options, but at a reduced cost, and most significantly, I could do the installation myself. Having absolutely no experience in masonary work. I knew there was no way I could actually install real stone. In my mind, I saw this very much like installing tile, but on the walls outside vs. on the floors inside. As I began investigating different veneer stone products, I came across Gold Cast Products and saw for the money, I could actually buy my own molds, make the stone myself and install it for about the same cost as I were to buy stone from a retail distributor and pay someone to install it.

The people at Gold Cast Products were very knowledgeable regarding veneer stone products. Their molds produced what I have found to be the most realistic stone on the market, without a doubt. And the support and integrity of the whole team was really second to none. In business today, it is really hard to find a team that stands by their products like Gold Cast Products.

That is exactly what I did. Today, my business, East Texas Veneer Stone ( is up and running and without a doubt, the Gold Cast products molds allow me to offer the most authentic looking stone veneer products on the market.”

“Gold Cast manufactured stone mold makers are proving themselves to epitomize the best in both a family run business and business opportunity. Gold Cast offers the advantage of a franchise without the drawbacks. Wayne offers his 20 plus years of experience in the manufactured stone business as step by step start up guidance and know how to help you build your own business; it is a benefit of purchasing his molds over those of any competitor worldwide. Every effort is given by Wayne and his family staff to insure your success, thus excluding the costly trial and error mistakes that are the otherwise unavoidable process of learning any business. Still, even without all the support and business guidance that is included, we would have purchased our molds from Gold Cast simply because of the quality and detail of the finished product. In addition, Wayne Love’s business practice is guided by an internal compass that places integrity and ethical conduct over profit. He has not given us all that we expected, he has given us more. We have come to trust this man implicitly. May we be as good a business experience to others as he and his family have become to us.”

Abby and ReNae

“We would like to thank everyone for their advice and support. Without your help we could not have made it this far. We are excited and confident about the success of our new business! With heart felt gratitude.”

Judy – North Carolina

“Gold Cast Products has provided excellent ‘hands-on’ training which we would highly recommend; beneficial advice on production facilities and philosophies; reference source for suppliers; enhanced production techniques; ongoing consultation, sounding board for ideas, and trouble-shooting tips based on their knowledge of both production and cement dynamics.”

Mark, Missouri

“Gold Cast’s service and support are terrific. Wayne and his team are ready, and most importantly, willing to answer questions and research problems to make certain that their manufacturers are equipped to succeed. Gold Cast is a pleasure to work with. They go well above and far beyond any expectations we had for a supplier. They have set a new standard.”

Platt, Texas

“I wanted to say thank you for helping me start my new business making stone for exteriors and interiors. I started part time in 2004, and sold my three coffee franchises to go full time making stone. We have done work in over 25 communities in our market. Our projects have included a commercial building project of almost 7,000 square feet. A recent home we just finished was 3,300 square feet and turned out looking like a chateau. We also completed our first three story fire place. It is a master piece blending three different types of stones and two distinct colors. Your business model and training is straight forward and I would think would appeal to and one that wants to have their own business and work hard. It was very expensive to get into the coffee franchise system. After the large build out costs, we still had rents of over $7,000 a month and then had to pay franchise fees. Now our rents in the industrial park are low and there are no royalties that need to be paid. The profit potential is fantastic. We now own six different styles of molds and frequently combine several different styles of molds to get different looks. Learning to color the stones is always a creative challenge that I enjoy.”

Alan, Illinois

“Gold Cast has a business opportunity that allows you to work for yourself, and make a good living doing it. Thanks Gold Cast!”

Todd, Arkansas

“Ongoing assistance is invaluable. Gold Cast stands behind their products 100% to help make us successful. The price of the molds is small compared to the return on our investment. You cant put a price on the assistance we’ve received.”

Mark, Missouri

“It’s a blessing to know that our success means so much to you and everyone at Gold Cast. Your support when we need it the most seems to always be there for us. We can’t thank you enough. I’m thankful that we picked Gold Cast for our choice of stone molds.”

Kip – North Carolina

“Excellent training at their facility. Very patient with questions and ongoing support”

Apex Stone Works

“Here Calvin is working with a helper installing cobblestone on a 2000 foot project. Thank you again for getting us started into a really good business!!!”