Manufactured Stone Business Opportunities

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Start your own successful business with Gold Cast Manufactured Stone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I consider a manufactured stone business?
  • You can start part-time and grow at your own pace.
  • There is about an 850% profit margin based on the figures in this literature.
  • You manufacture your stone in your own area, eliminating the middleman. Manufactured stone distributors must have their stone shipped in, adding to their cost and delivery time.
  • You control color, quality, and delivery time to better serve your customer.
Who or what is my market?

Some suggestions are homeowners, contractors, wood stove dealers, building suppliers, masonry builders, installers, developers, lawn and landscape businesses and designers, nurseries, new construction, and renovation projects – to name just a few.

How will I get my molds?

We will ship them by freight lines. Freight costs are additional. Do I have to install the stone?

Do I have to install the stone?

You can but we recommend the stone be installed by an experienced masonry contractor.

Where do I purchase my raw materials?

Most materials are available locally; if not, we will help you locate the supplier closest to you. This information is included in your training.

What training is available?

A detailed training manual and video is included with your mold package. We highly suggest 2 days of training (for no additional charge) at our location. You will be responsible for your own travel and expenses. We will also come to your location to provide the training (for a small fee).

How long will the molds last?

Our molds come with a three (3) year guarantee. With proper care, the molds will last for many years. Since we began producing molds in 1989, our original molds are still in use.

What is manufactured stone made of?

Basically, manufactured stone is durable, lightweight concrete. It is a mixture of portland cement, lightweight aggregate, and iron oxide coloring pigments.

What type of surface can manufactured stone be applied over?

Practically any structurally sound surface, such as metal buildings, wood-frame structures, brick, block, and stucco, to name a few.

What are some of the characteristics of manufactured stone?

The stone weighs approximately eight pounds per sq. ft. Its absorption rate is 13%, the compressive strength is about 4,500 PSI and over a 20 year period, there is no noticeable color change.